Aruba: Fine dining in Aruba with a local twist at White Modern Cuisine

Interieur restaurant 2

White Modern Cuisine in Palm Beach Plaza continues to be Aruba’s hottest restaurant du moment with the introduction of a completely new wave of fine dining. This is of course no small feat on the one happy island, already known for its incredible culinary landscape, boasting more than 200 different restaurants. Then again, fine dining isn’t usually something one expects to find on a small piece of paradise, known mainly for its long stretch of white sandy beach and stunning turquoise waters. So all in all, you’re in for an incredible surprise. At White you’ll be dazzled from start to finish, from the minute you step into a complete white oasis til the moment your plate arrives and you stare at a work of art.

European fine dining is fused together with local ingredients. Plants and herbs that can be found on the island are included in each dish to create something truly original. The perfect opportunity for chef Urvin Croes to introduce diners to Aruba’s diverse and more importantly edible nature. I tried the signature summer salad, which contains a whopping 30 ingredients, from local plants to flowers, and was completely bowled over by the fantastic combination of flavours. Don’t even get me started on the fabulous cocktails. White is an epic culinary experience not to be missed.

summer saladwijncollectie

Photos courtesy of the Aruba Tourism Authority

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  1. Please lets go to Aruba together! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays!

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