Aruba: Live like a local

The Boardwalk 2The Boardwalk 3

Aruba equals paradise and I certainly never tire of seeing long stretches of fine white sandy beaches. Nor can I get enough of paddling in the warm, turquoise Caribbean sea, preferably at crawling distance from my hotel. However, on my last trip I discovered a true hidden gem, secluded, quiet, lush, all the right ingredients for a perfect holiday, right? What’s more, it’s a stone’s throw away from bustling Palm Beach. I’m talking about the beautiful Boardwalk Small Hotel. I got a private tour of the premises and was amazed by how quiet and relaxing it really is. All you hear is the gentle swishing of palm trees in the sea breeze, which form a perfect circle around the hotel. Boardwalk Small Hotel is made up of beautiful private ‘casita’s’ (Caribbean homes) set in a lavish, tropical garden. Situated on a historic coconut plantation, it’s a true Caribbean getaway, that really enables you to live like a local and experience a slice of Aruban life, while still being near all the hotspots, from sumptuous restaurants, to bars, water sport outlets and more. I love it!

The Boardwalk 1The Boardwalk 4

All images courtesy of the Boardwalk Small Hotel.

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  1. Bij Zeerovers kun je uitstekend eten.

  2. Helemaal mee eens. Zeerover is geweldig. Heerlijke spartelverse vis!

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