Amsterdam: Wine and food pairing in 18th century wine cellar


I recently discovered a true hidden gem in Amsterdam that wouldn’t tick any of the standard boxes people usually attribute to ‘hidden gems.’ It’s not new, nor has it been a local hangout for years until tourists discovered it. Instead, it’s an old fashioned wine cellar, dating back to 1723, filled with a dizzying array of fine wines, conveniently located next to one of Amsterdam’s prime museums The Hermitage Amsterdam. Night at the museum anyone?

This wine cellar, aptly called Wijnkoperij de Hermitage, is actually more of a wine importer and as such, they do not widely advertise themselves as a fantastic spot for an unadulterated evening of food and wine pairing, or wine tasting, if you will, except on their own website. If not for a work related event, I would have therefore probably never discovered this wine importer of sorts. And that would have been a real shame given that their wines are outstanding and their dishes even more so.

Wijnkoperij de Hermitage

With a highly entertaining and knowledgeable host and sommelier to boot, who will not only talk you through the wines, but will also give you a fascinating historic background to each wine you are sampling. In my view the perfect setting for a birthday party, work ‘do’ or, when combined with The Hermitage, evening out with visitors. If you could deem a night out ‘bona fide,’ or ‘authentic,’ this would be it.

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