Paris: Shabby chic Le Haut Marais

Le Marais

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Paris twice this year and let me tell you, the French capital never tires. On both trips, which were actually made very close to each other, I’ve managed to make new discoveries. My all-time favourite area is Le Marais, with beautiful tree lined boulevards, hip and happening restaurants, cafes, boutiques and an abundance of Japanese retailers, which sadly still haven’t made their way to Amsterdam. Longing for a Muji store people!

Le Marais (in the 4th arrondissement) has been a bustling and trendy area for some time now, but it is the Northern part (in the 3rd arrondissement), also known as Le Haut Marais, that is currently doing the business! Why? Well the northern part still mixes the rough with the smooth. Dilapidation and opulence meet to form the next big thing, without yet being completely overrun by tourists. This in turn makes for a very interesting culinary landscape with various North African cuisines on display as well as stylishly decorated organic cafes.

One of my favourite recent discoveries is Café Pinson. A relaxing joint with delectable organic veggie and even vegan lunch offerings as well as a wide selection of delicious pastries and ditto coffees.

Cafe Pinson

Source photo: Café Pinson

In fact there are so many different types of restaurants to choose from in Le Haut Marais that I absolutely must return. If you find yourself in Paris and hitting up Le Marais (which inevitably you will and should), venture slightly further afield and check out one of the most exciting and emerging parts of the city.

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  1. I love Le Marais! I haven’t been to this cafe though, so will definitely have to check it out soon! Great post!

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