Amsterdam: Japan Inn: Best.sushi.ever

Japan Inn Not the most original blog post caption, I must admit, but there’s simply nothing more to say. I really thought I was onto something fairly undiscovered when I heard about Japan Inn through the office grapevine recently. This small, living room like Japanese restaurant, owned by the fine people who own five star hotel Okura, seemed like the new sushi kid on the block. A fairly run of the mill yet cosy looking restaurant tucked away behind uber commercial Leidseplein in a row filled with restaurants you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in. With the ubiquitous waiter standing outside trying to lure customers in. It seems Japan Inn isn’t that new after all, it’s been around for a few years, it just hasn’t made headlines yet beyond the standard review websites. And while it is located in a very commercial part of Amsterdam, it stands out tenfold. Amsterdam boasts many a sushi restaurant, including the all-you can eat standards and a few independent restaurants I actually consider to be quite good, but now that I’ve been to Japan Inn, I cannot imagine eating sushi anywhere else in the city. Yes it’s that good! Japan Inn 2 Mouth-watering offerings I had included the rainbow roll, which is a sushi roll with an assortment of fresh fish on top, the spider roll, an inside-out roll with soft shell crab and viskuit (roe), the avocado-spicy tuna Uramaki and the dragon roll, a sushi roll with grilled eel on top. Need I go on? Everything tasted so incredibly fresh and the staff were very friendly too. Best of all, it didn’t break the bank. The sushi at Japan Inn really is very affordable. In short, this place is a must-visit!

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  1. Looks ah-mazing, so need to come visit you and eat here! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays xx

  2. You so need to come visit- there are so many places I want to take you to, including Japan Inn 🙂 #Tastytuesdays. xx

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