Singapore: Retro nostalgia at Sinpopo

Sinpopo exterior

Reviving nostalgia and bringing retro back to the fore is completely on-trend in Singapore, a city state known for its gleam and sheen. Singapore, ever evolving, one of the Asian tigers. Many a taxi driver would proclaim Singapore is run like a corporation. But, I digress. Tales of yesteryear are thankfully not forgotten. All you have to do is head down to Katong on the East Coast and feast your eyes on artisan bakeries, quaint antique shops and local eateries, with a neon signed Tiger Beer pub thrown in for good measure.

Katong incorporates old school charm with hip and happening entrepreneurship. Sinpopo encompasses both and is well worth a visit if you’re traipsing through what I would consider the most exciting part of Singapore. Sinpopo was recently opened to revive the old Singapore coffee house also known as a kopi tiam (that’s strong local coffee and hot food), however in a modern urban fashion. The local coffee, as is the case in many places across the island, is strong, sweet, filled with calories and oh so delicious. I haven’t tried the food there. Sinpopo is the perfect place to open up your travel diary, watch the world go by and imagine yourself living in another era.  As they aptly note on their retro yet rather minimalistic website: When the way to experience something was to go down to the store and not just browse the internet. 


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  1. Oh wow, looks amazing, the country, the food, you are so lucky to travel and eat so widely! Thanks darling for linking up this beautiful post to #tastytuesdays

    • Thanks hon. Yes, I am truly lucky that I get to visit some amazing places and sample some of the most amazing food. Singapore really is a foodies paradise. Since I’ll probably be doing less travelling this year, though will still visit a few places of course, this blog is a great way to backtrack from last year 😉 Love linking up to #tastytuesdays. x

  2. Love South East Asian food and that spread looks amazing. Always wanted to visit Singapore purely because of the delectable tales I’ve heard about the food.

  3. That spread looks amazing. Always wanted to visit Singapore purely because of the many delectable tales I’ve heard about the food.

  4. Looking very tasty indeed, a feast! #TastyTuesday

  5. Thanks @Ebabee. Singapore really is a culinary feast, as is Malaysia, I would definitely recommend visiting both when you get the chance. Thanks for your comment,

  6. Thanks @Coombe Mill. It really is, so many flavours fused together because Singapore is so multicultural. Thanks for your comment. #Tastytuesdays.

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