Amsterdam: Top 5 best brunch hotspots


Yes the weather outside may be frightful and that fire oh so delightful, but that doesn’t mean we should go into full hibernation mode on the weekend, wear fuzzy socks and watch Netflix all day long (not to self here). No, instead lets go out and have some brunch. Because brunch is the best meal of the day and the weekend. The brunch hype has seriously taken Amsterdam by storm in the last few years, as I’ve written before and it doesn’t seem like the storm is settling anytime soon. Much to my delight. In fact, I may even favour it over wining and dining, well not that I don’t enjoy the latter of course.

So without further ado, I present to you, in random order, my current favourite brunch hotspots in Amsterdam. No long lists here, just five places worth checking out.

Bakers & roasters

The good folks from down under, that’s Aussie’s as well as Kiwi’s, are really doing the business in Amsterdam when it comes to brunch. Bakers & roasters, owned by young people from New Zealand, is one of my favourite joints and has taken midday dining to a whole new level. With perfectly curated breakfasts ranging from traditional Kiwi fare (eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, garlicky spinach, creamy mushrooms, home-made relish and hot buttered toast) to a classic Eggs Benny, pancake stacks, fresh banana bread and more. I really don’t need to continue. This place, located in the Southern part of Amsterdam called De Pijp, is well worth a visit. Make sure you don’t get there too late though. Very popular and not being able to book often equals no table.

The Breakfast Club

Named after one of my favourite 80s movies, The Breakfast Club already had me at the name. The Breakfast club is a new kid on the block as it only opened in Amsterdam West last month. With a minimalist, industrial type interior, it’s the perfect place to relax and fully wake up. I particularly enjoyed their buckwheat pancakes with fresh fruit and will definitely head back to sample their other brunch delights.

De Foodhallen

I cannot rave enough about De Foodhallen and in fact, when they first opened, I wrote a quirky post comparing and contrasting it to the Markthal in Rotterdam. De Foodhallen is probably Amsterdam’s trendiest food concept and more than just an indoor food market. Of course, you can stop here for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just a little aperitif (with a cheese plate of course), so the options are aplenty. But if you do decide to have brunch here then a ‘die-die-must-try’ is the mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich at Caullis Kaas. That’s sourdough bread, Dutch farmers cheese, Etivaz Alpage Swiss cheese and a mixture of finely chopped leak, spring onions and red onions. Heaven! De Foodhallen is actually located opposite The Breakfast Club, so best be ready to eat.


This place is egg station times a million. If you love eggs as much as I do, you will love the fact that Omelegg offers the choice of over twenty different types of omelettes, ranging from a full on Caprese style omelette to a banana/peanut butter combo to an omelette with chorizo and more. Omelegg is also located in De Pijp and oozes French countryside charm.


Drovers Dog

Another fine establishment from the folks Down Under. This time the Aussies are cooking up a storm on two locations. One in the East of Amsterdam and one in the South. If you’re ready to awaken all of your senses and eat out of the box, than Drovers is the place to be. Quirky Aussie breakfasts, which make for a very happy Sunday are the order of the day. How about some coconut crumbled prawns with lemon myrtle mayonnaise or roast wild kangaroo loin with sweet potatoes? Of course you can also stick to breakfast classics such as fluffy pancakes or an Eggs Benny.

Enjoy…. and you’re welcome!

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